What is Splash Cash?

Splash Cash is an advertising allowance for qualifying SCP and Superior Customers. Splash Cash is offered at the sole discretion of POOLCORP Marketing and your SCP or Superior Sales Center, and the amount may be adjusted or revoked at any time and without prior notice. Though prior year purchases are used to determine Splash Cash eligibility, ongoing purchases are required in order to redeem. Splash Cash has no actual monetary value and is not a rebate.

What are the guidelines to use Splash Cash?

All Splash Cash claims must be submitted for pre-approval solely to [email protected]. Proper use of the registration marks (®, ™, ℠) must be present. Private Label brand logo(s) must be featured, and Private Label names must be prominently shown.

How do I use splash Cash?

Splash Cash may be used to reimburse you for advertising or marketing materials. However, in order to receive a reimbursement for 2020 Splash Cash submissions, the following must be included:

  • A proof of the product or ad must be submitted to [email protected] for pre-approval.
  • The product or ad must include one of the following logos:
    • Websites: Swimmingpool.com®, SwimAboveGround.com, HotTubs.com
    • Chemical Brands: E-Z Clor®, Pool Logic®, Pool Season®, PoolStyle®, Regal®, Refresh® Shock and Sanitize, Refresh®, Refresh+®, Shockwave®, Super Shockwave®, and Super SHOCK-IT 73®
    • NPT Brands: NPT® Tile, NPT® Hardscapes, NPT® Designer Surfaces, JewelScapes®, QuartzScapes®, StoneScapes®, ColorScapes®, PlasterScapes®, and PolishedScapes®
    • Other Brands: Backyard Escape®, Imagine Pools™, Optimum Pools
  • Once approved, a paid invoice and picture(s) or a copy of the completed ad(s) and/or product(s) must be sent for final approval to [email protected].

Only submissions that have been approved and meet the above requirements will receive 2020 Splash Cash reimbursement consideration.

How do we receive our Splash Cash reimbursement?

Splash Cash reimbursements are given as credits to the dealer's consolidated SCP or Superior Pool Products account number.

Where can I find company logos?

POOLCORP logos are held by the Marketing Department. To obtain one of these logos please send an email to [email protected].

Do you have a catalog for Splash Cash Program?

2020 Splash Cash Dealer Book

What are the relevant dates of splash cash?

Since the purpose of Splash Cash is to help you grow your business and have a successful season, we encourage you to use your Splash Cash as early in the year as possible. Therefore, in order to take advantage of your FULL Splash Cash benefits, it must be used before the end of June.

To take advantage of your FULL Splash Cash Balance, you must

  • Use ALL Splash Cash funds before June 30, 2020.
  • Receive written approval via [email protected] of a Marketing Campaign in place for the full year.

The Splash Cash Online Ordering sites will open in February 2020 and will close for the year on September 30, 2020. All Splash Cash balances must be used and claims submitted by November 30, 2020 in accordance with the following schedule:

February 2020 – June 30, 2020:100% of Splash Cash balance
July* 2020 – November 30, 2020:50% of remaining to Splash Cash balance

(*Please Note: The Splash Cash Online Ordering System site will be down for scheduled maintenance from July 1-10, 2020.)