Tips for Business Growth and Profitability

Listen and learn while on the move with these informative podcasts from Grandy and Associates. Learn how to use online reviews to benefit your company, hiring the right team members, effective collection techniques and more!

Here are our top suggestions:

  1. Effective Collection Techniques
  2. 8 Things We Learn from Joe the Plumber
  3. Flat Rate Pricing – Is it Right for You?
  4. Give Them Something to Talk About Using Online Reviews
  5. Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job

Stay Connected to your Customers

When working in the field, make sure to provide your customers with the best experience possible to create a stronger relationship. Doing so will give your customers a sense of familiarity and trust. After all, you now know their backyard equipment better than anyone else. Staying connected with your customers encourages them to come back to your services and opens opportunities for them to refer you to potential new customers. Be sure to collect feedback to provide you with more insight on how your company can grow.

Ways You Can Stay in Touch with Your Customers:

  1. By email
  2. Loyalty Points/discounts
  3. Phone call/text message
  4. Your business’s social media page
  5. By mail
    *May vary by state authorization*

Cost-Effective Marketing

Visibility of your services is vital to attract new customers and generate sales, but are you doing this in a cost-effective way? While you may have a business card stating your role and message, it is also highly encouraged for a service field to use signs to create a visible means of communication. Using products such as labels, site signs, and door hangers will work as silent salespeople to help draw in new potential customers.

Tools & Apps

Even in the pool world, technology is updating and growing constantly. It’s important for us to stay informed on what is working and beneficial for our customers to use. Such as apps to controls your pumps, water testing, pool cleaners, and more from the palm of your hand. We have gathered some of the latest and greatest additions to help you keep your clients up to date:

1. Designing your backyard

Turn any yard into something extraordinary with the NPT Backyard App. Simple and intuitive, this easy-to-use app will let you choose the pool shape, add your own style from a wide selection of pool finishes and tile, and then use virtual reality to see your pool come to life in your backyard.

2. Pool Management Apps

From the latest use of technology, remote pool management app systems are helping residential owners control all functions of their pool systems from the palm of their hands. System controls can be for sanitation, pump operations, lighting, and more. Companies such as Hayward, Fluidra, Pentair, Century, and Maytronics, all have user-friendly apps.

3. Pool Volume Calculator

Are your customers unsure of how many gallons are in their pool? Let us do the math for you! Turn to our Pool Volume Calculator, enter in the pool shape, dimensions, and depths and find results instantly.